Influencers are becoming a key factor in a brands ability to stand out in an increasingly crowded market place. Consumers are looking for influencer and peer reviews above all other forms of marketing. Leveraging influencers within the fashion industry can allow your brand become known directly within your target market, but where do you start?

Finding the right fashion influencers can be difficult, looking beyond the follower count can be a good start.

Here are 10 Fashion influencers who could be speaking to the type of people you are looking to target;

1. Megan Ellaby


With 140,000 followers on Instagram, this twenty something fashionista from Manchester has built an impressive online presence. What started out as an “accident” while studying at university, Megan’s following and influence has grown considerably, with her posts being liked on average, between 4-5,000 times.

Megan is one of the UK’s most popular style and fashion Instagrammers, and it’s clear to see why with just one click on to her page. She has worked with an array of brands; such as Asos, H&M and Topshop.

2. Lizzy Hadfield
@shotfromthestreet / shotfromthestreet

Boasting an impressive 148,000 followers, Lizzy is truly on top of her game. Living in the capital has clearly had an influence on her style, and in retrospect her followers style. Gaining an average of 5,000 likes per post, she has the power to advertise not only what she wears, but how it should be worn.

Lizzie has worked with brands such as; Topshop and & Other Stories.

3. Amy Bell
@little_magpie1 / thelittlemagpie

Probably Scotland’s best, if not most popular fashion and travel blogger. With just over 115,000 followers Amy knows not only how to dress, but how best to get her style perfectly captured on camera. Her fashion ranges in style all depending where she finds herself on that day. If you take a look through Amy’s Instagram who can see she offers a range many other similar influencers don’t.

Amy has worked with brands such as Pandora, Topshop and Specsavers.

4. Olivia Purvis

Olivia has one of the biggest followings on this list, and if you take a look at her Instagram feed it’s easy to see why. The 24 year old Londoner has been blogging since 2010, and the experience can be seen. With 5,000 average likes and over 18,000 views on her most recent Instagram video, in essence, she’s every brands dream influencer.

Olivia has worked with a wide range of brands such as; Mindful Chef UK, Cath Kidson and Amazon EU.

5. Carrie Santana da Silva

Originally from the blissful countryside and now living in London, Carrie has been blogging about fashion, food and travel for the last 8 years. With over 153,000 followers Carrie transports her followers to a different city in nearly every post. Gaining an average of 3,000 likes per image, you can see why brands come to work with Carrie.

Carrie has worked with brads such as Far Fetch, Auree Jewellery, and Barbour.

6. Alice Catherine

This Manchester based fashion blogger boasts the the second biggest following on our list, with over 169,000 followers, Alice appears to be the dream maker for new and existing brands. Alice has vintage style, which is clear to see in her daily posts. With likes has high of 12,000 and her most recent Instagram video viewing at 36, 000, Alice has the experience to bring the light upon your brands needs.

Alice has worked with brands such as; Omorovicza, Sugarhill Boutique, Manchester Arndale and Free People Uk.

7. Robert & Christina

Our one and only American based influencers on this list are influencer power couple Robert and Christina. With a whopping following of over 400,000 followers they also have the biggest reach on our list. With average likes of 20,000 per image, collaborating with Robert and Christina would without a doubt bring in a new influx of followers, likes, and custom for your brand.

New Darlings have worked with such brands like; Nespresso, Audible and Saatchi Art Gallery.

8. Sophia Rosemary


Sophia is a Mancunian style blogger with a following of 110,000 followers. She initially had no intention of having an Instagram account solely focusing on her style, but it gradually grew from being nothing more than a personal account to the account it is today. With over 5,000 likes per image, it’s fair to say she has well and truly found her market.

Sophia has worked with brands such as; Topshop, Manchester Arndale, Pepe Jeans and Office Shoes.

9. Freddie Harrel
@freddieharrel /

Originally from Paris, London stole Freddie’s heart years ago. What’s interesting about her is that she doesn’t consider herself a fashion blogger in the conventional sense (she’s also a confidence consultant). Freddie’s strong opposition to fitting into a box and being categorised shows in her style, which can be described as playful, girly, and colourful (with a dash of black). Her unbreakable belief that everyone is a spectrum of different characters is the reason why she can throw together an outfit that’s appropriate for pretty much any mood and occasion! Get inspired by the funky patterns and bright colours. Frédérique is on of the UK’s top bloggers, and this can be seen through her 127,000 followers.

Frédérique has worked with brands such as; TK Maxx, No7 UK, and Ted Baker.

10. Hannah Marshall


Hannah is an up and coming fashion conscious arts student, with nearly 20,000 followers on Instagram. Hannah has the smallest following on our list, but this doesn’t mean she doesn’t boast an impressive likes ratio on her posts, averaging just over 1,000 likes per fashion post. Hannah is truly on her way to becoming one of the best fashion related UK based Instagrammers, with her retro and vintage style, it’s easy to see why.

Hannah has worked with brands such as; Lola May clothing, Chatoyer, and Lily Lulu.

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